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Who hasn’t had the experience of thinking they’ll just do a quick layer of paint, only to end up wasting a weekend, getting a sore back, spending hundreds of dollars on rollers and trays you won’t use again, and generally just wishing someone else had done the job for you? How will your next paint job look? A new coat of paint can redefine your space, so it should look exceptional and not have streaks, bubbles, or other problems.


Antioch house painting project with beige walls and dark, warm grey garage doors

When you choose the team at Bay-Valley Painting for your commercial or residential paint job in Antioch, you’ll get professional results that bring out the best in your space. We can make your property look exceptional with just the right paint product and proper application. With over twenty years of experience, a dedicated, well-trained team, and all the best painting equipment, we can add the smooth, professional touch that your space needs. We have experience with painting all sorts of surfaces under a huge array of conditions, from painting your kitchen to look modern to painting the entire exterior of a commercial building. Discover more about why you should choose us below.

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Take the Guess Work Out of Painting

One of our professional painters adding final touches to an interior arch

You know that the color of your walls, exterior doors and trim, or other major surfaces can define the look of your space. But you also can’t be entirely certain how a new color will look in your space. Most people also don’t realize that your choice of paint and primer impacts the final product tremendously. You might be tempted to choose the paint based on price point or your feelings about the brand. Let us help instead. We can show you the real differences between products, how different paint colors will really look and how we can achieve amazing results for your space.

Some people are excited by painting because it seems like a DIY project that they can tackle with minimum investment. However, novices make plenty of mistakes when painting as there are many factors to getting a good coat of paint. This, in turn, ends up costing you more money if it needs to be redone due to streaking, peeling, or it just doesn’t look professional. Here are some of the things our paint contractors consider for every job we do:

  • Surface preparation: The single largest mistake that people make when painting their own home or office is failing to prepare the surface. Whether it’s drywall, stucco, plaster, or siding, preparing your surface is vital if you want your paint job to last. We consider the material and its condition carefully. Our professionals know how and when to wash, sand, fill in gaps with caulk or spackle, and do other surface preparation.
  • Choice of paints, primers and more: There are a lot of paints out there and other supporting products. There is logic and strategy in using one type of paint over another and including matching products like primer or unique products like conditioner. We have experience with all of these paints and aren’t just choosing based on marketing. We can guide you to get better results with better, more cost-effective products.
  • Technique: It looks easy. You just run a roller through a paint tray and then roll it on the wall, right? Unfortunately, there is a knack to painting that requires some experience, and your first paint job is likely to be full of streaks, uneven paint and much more. We can get smooth coats the first time and our team has the skill to pull off more complex techniques, such as faux finishes, textures, accents, and more. From taping and masking to finishing baseboards, our professional painters can do it in a fraction of the time it takes a novice.

You don’t need to worry about developing the expertise to paint, understanding how to pair a paint and primer together, or even just buying painting equipment that you’ll only need once. We have it all covered and can provide the detailed, quality painting you need. Experience the difference of working with a professional painting service today.

“Bay Valley Painting, and owner Jared, are simply the best! We had our entire house exterior & fencing painted, and came back to them again to paint the interior. Great work, with great care. Jared is super friendly, communicative, easy to talk to, and comes in with competitive bids. Both times we’ve had them, the crew was friendly and take pride in their work.”

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Painting for Your Home

You can paint your own home, but you will benefit if you choose a professional painting company to do it for you. Our painting contractors offer guidance to help you choose the right paint products to make your final results look exceptional. We handle all aspects of the paint job, including surface preparation. There are many reasons to choose us, including:

  • Convenience: You save so much time and money when you choose a professional painter. You don’t need to buy professional-grade paint brushes, painting tools and supplies, or spend time watching videos on the proper paint technique.
  • Quality: You’ll get consistently high-quality results from us, even if you want unusual painting techniques or have an unusual application.
  • Safety: We choose safe products for your specific application, and that includes choosing products with minimal environmental impact.

Call us any time for:

Whether we’re painting interior or exterior, drywall or stucco, we can take the guess work out of your choices. Let our painting professionals take care of your home painting project for professional results that will look stunning for years.

Bedroom in Antioch, CA with white trim and a pale blue accent wall

Painting for Your Commercial Property

We know that the exterior and the interior are important to commercial properties. No one is drawn to an unkempt building. Your customers shouldn’t notice peeling paint and cracks in the walls, they should be welcomed into an aesthetically pleasing building. We provide exceptional painting surfaces for all kinds of commercial painting jobs in Antioch. Commercial buildings have high demands on their paints, and you need a painting job that will provide exceptional, durable paint at reasonable costs in order to keep your property looking good and functioning properly. We can help with consistent paint jobs at honest prices.

Modern commercial building with red, white and grey color scheme

We’ve helped commercial property owners across a wide range of industries and can paint the interior and exterior of:

  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Schools and educational buildings
  • Restaurants and other food service
  • High rises, low rises, etc.
  • Entertainment venues of any size
  • Hotels and other hospitality properties
  • Parking garages
  • More

We can tackle any painting job, including those on new construction. We work well with other contractors and will make it simple for you to get the finishing coat of paint on any project. Choose us to help you give your office space a new look, update the aesthetic of your multi-unit rental property, or just make your retail store more beautiful for your customers.

Choose Bay-Valley Painting Today

The team at Bay-Valley Painting offers exceptional quality paint jobs and much more. We care about getting your paint project done on time and about the experience you have while working with us. There are so many reasons to choose as your painter in the Bay area, including:

  • Honest quotes: Are prices are reasonable, and you’ll know that upfront when you get a quote from us. We stick to our quote and don’t charge hidden fees.
  • Professional guidance: Which paint product is right for you? Our team members have detailed knowledge of how to choose the right paint for different situations, and we’re happy to lend you that expertise for your project. Ask us your questions.
  • Careful work: We truly care about the quality of your property, so our painters are properly trained and take their time to do careful painting on all of your surfaces. We care about all of the little details of your paint project that will later make it look truly professional. That includes expert cutting in and treatment of trim, windows, and more.
  • Safe and environmentally conscious: Paint doesn’t have to be a hazard. We offer paints with less chemical smell and a higher degree of safety. We also offer paints with a reduced impact on the environment. Ask us what your paint product offers.

If you’re in need of painting in Antioch, our team would love to help with your painting projects. We work with residential and commercial clients, with interior and exterior painting services. Leave the painting to our professional painters. Reach out to us with your questions or details on your project today.

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