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Who hasn’t had the experience of thinking they’ll just do a quick layer of paint, only to end up wasting a weekend, getting a sore back, spending hundreds of dollars on rollers and trays you won’t use again, and generally just wishing someone else had done the job for you? We offer professional painting in Brentwood so you don’t need to worry about any of this. We provide highly detailed, quality paint jobs on everything from your home’s living room to your entire building exterior. For residential and commercial paint jobs, we offer the quick and professional service needed to get it done right.

our team finished a residential paint job in Brentwood

What Goes into a Good Coat of Paint?

Some people are excited by painting because it seems like a DIY project that they can tackle with minimum investment. However, novices make plenty of mistakes when painting as there are lots of factors to getting a good coat of paint. Here are some of the things we consider for every job we do:

a professional interior paint job done by our pros
  • Surface preparation: The single largest mistake that people make when painting their own home or office is failing to prepare the surface. We consider the material and its condition carefully, and know how and when to wash, sand, fill in gaps and do other surface preparation.
  • Choice of paints, primers and more: There are a lot of paints out there and other supporting products. There is logic and strategy in using one type of paint over another and including matching products like primer or unique products like conditioner. We have experience with all of these paints and aren’t just choosing based on marketing. We can guide you to get better results with better, more cost-effective products.
  • Technique: It looks easy. You just run a roller through a paint tray and then roll it on the wall, right? Unfortunately, there is a knack to painting that requires some experience, and your first paint job is likely to be full of streaks, uneven paint and much more. We can get a smooth coat the first time and our team has the skill to pull off more complex techniques too.

You don’t need to worry about developing the expertise to paint, understanding how to pair a paint and primer together, or even just buying painting equipment that you’ll only need once. We have it all covered and can provide the detailed, quality painting you need.

Why Choose Bay-Valley Painting

There are other painters in Brentwood, so why choose our team? We offer a rare combination of professional painting and professional customer service. That makes working with us simple on a job of any size. Our team offers:

  • Precise painting: We care about all of the little details of your paint project that will later make it look truly professional. That includes expert cutting in and treatment of trim, windows, and more.
  • Safe and green: We help you choose paint products that are safe for your application and have as little impact on the environment as possible.
  • Professionalism: We respond promptly, have real knowledge to offer, and always act politely.

Choose Bay-Valley Painting for any residential or commercial painting in Brentwood.

kitchen cabinets after our painting job

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