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You can transform your space, especially your kitchen, by refinishing or painting the cabinets. You may be surprised at the big visual impact changing just your cabinet doors has on any room. Choose professional cabinet painting or refinishing and get consistent, smooth results that can withstand scratches and humidity for years. We can provide you with an exceptional paint job without the hassle. Discover how our cabinet refinishing and painting services can help you.

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How New Cabinets Transform Your Space

Some people think that it takes a major renovation project to change their kitchen, bathroom or front hall. But, in any space with large cabinets, all of that storage takes up most of the visual space. As a result, you can really change the look of it by simply altering the finish or the color of the cabinet doors. While you’re at it, changing the hardware is also a simple change that makes a big impact.

Repainting or refinishing your cabinets can:

  • Improve the look and feel of your cabinets.
  • Change your kitchen without demolition.
  • Save you money over making other major changes.
  • Increase the durability of the cabinets.

Why Not DIY?

However, homeowners who take on cabinet projects by themselves often get frustrated and overwhelmed. Few are happy with the end result of painting their cabinets because there are several tricks to painting different cabinet finishes, and if you don’t know them, you can run into problems, including that your paint instantly scratches right off. Laminate cabinets are notoriously tough to paint. Real wood needs special treatment too. And even when you are simply sanding down previously stained wood, cabinet doors are a more intensive process than you might realize.

Reasons to pass your cabinet project off to the professionals include:

  • Save time: Unless you have professional experience with cabinet refinishing, we are going to complete your project much faster than you could. We already have our tools and supplies and a dedicated process to complete all of the work as efficiently as possible. You can maintain access to your kitchen through the process and will get the work done in time for tight deadlines including home sales.
  • Get high-quality results: Especially in the kitchen, cabinets tend to see wear quickly. With a professional paint job, you’ll start with smoother, more consistent cabinets, and they’ll stay that way for longer. We choose the right paint and let it cure properly to get better results.
  • Save money: After multiple trips to the hardware store, it really adds up. We’ve already made the investment in professional grade equipment, and we’ll buy only the paint products and amount we need for your project.
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Why Work with Bay Valley Painting?

The team at Bay Valley Painting are highly trained professionals who make quick work of even major repainting projects like in large kitchens with many cabinets. We remove your doors quickly, carefully provide all of the treatments they need, and apply primers and paints to get the exact look that you want from your kitchen. The result is professional-looking cabinets that refresh your whole space. We offer:

  • Great customer service that will make the process stress-free for you.
  • Reasonable timelines that get your project done quickly.
  • Professional guidance on all paint products and processes.

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