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What difference does professional painting make? You might be surprised. We offer clean paint lines, smooth walls without bumps or marks, and a quality finish that will last many years. You know that the color of your walls, exterior doors and trim, or other major surfaces can define the look of your space. But you also can’t be entirely certain how a new color will look in your space. Most people also don’t realize that your choice of paint and primer impacts the final product tremendously. You might be tempted to choose the paint based on price point or your feelings about the brand. Let us help instead. We can show you the real differences between products, how different paint colors will really look and how we can achieve amazing results for your space.

For homeowners or business owners, the benefits of choosing a professional painting company go well beyond just the look of your space. You can save time, reduce your stress, and save money when you choose a professional painter who truly cares. That’s why you should choose Bay-Valley Painting as your painter in Concord.

A house painted by your trusted painter in Concord

Take the Guess Work Out of Painting

Some people believe painting seems like an easy DIY project that they can tackle with minimum investment, novices make plenty of mistakes when painting.  There are many factors that go into getting a good coat of paint. This, in turn, ends up costing you more money if it needs to be redone due to streaking, peeling, or it just doesn’t look professional. Here are some of the things our paint contractors consider for every job we do:

  • Surface preparation: The single largest mistake that people make when painting their own home or office is failing to prepare the surface. We consider the material and its condition carefully. Our professionals know how and when to wash, sand, fill in gaps with caulk or spackle, and do other surface preparation.
  • Choice of paints, primers and more: There are a lot of paints out there and other supporting products. There is logic and strategy in using one type of paint over another and including matching products like primer or unique products like conditioner. We have experience with all of these paints and aren’t just choosing based on marketing. We can guide you to get better results with better, more cost-effective products.
  • Technique: It looks easy. You just run a roller through a paint tray and then roll it on the wall, right? Unfortunately, there is a knack to painting that requires some experience, and your first paint job is likely to be full of streaks, uneven paint and much more. We can get a smooth coat the first time and our team has the skill to pull off more complex techniques, such as faux finishes or decorative painting too. Everything from taping to painting borders, our professional painters can do it in a fraction of the time it takes a novice.

You don’t need to worry about developing the expertise to paint, understanding how to pair a paint and primer together, or even just buying painting equipment that you’ll only need once. We have it all covered and can provide the detailed, quality painting you need. We take pride in our workmanship.

A modern paint job in a kitchen done by our pros

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Give Your Home a Fresh Coat

Homeowners can save themselves serious hassle and inconvenience by bringing a professional house painting company in for their paint jobs. If you’re doing renovations, planning to sell, or are just tired of looking at a bad paint job on your walls, we can help. You’ll get professional guidance throughout the process and end up with professional results. Choose us to:

Our team finished adding a fresh coat of paint to this house
  • Save time: Most people overestimate how long it will take them to learn to paint their walls in a way that will meet their standards. You’ll save a lot of time for second coats and last-minute runs to the home supply store when you let a professional do it for you instead.
  • Choose the right paint: It can be a challenge to understand when choosing a different paint or primer will get you better results and when it’s just marketing fluff convincing you to buy something more expensive. We know how paint products actually perform and will help you make the right choice.
  • Look good: We have the experience and technique to provide better quality paint jobs on everything from your bathroom wall to your home’s siding. We’ll make it look great.

Commercial Painting

There are other commercial painting services you could choose, so why work with Bay-Valley Painting? We provide exceptional painting and exceptional customer service that will make completing your paint job simple. Work with us for:

  • Safety: Reducing liability for workplace incidents is important to us. You can trust us to take safety seriously, including the safety of your customers and staff. Whether we’re painting at heights or ventilating paint fumes, you can trust us to make safe decisions.
  • Convenience: We’re an organized, dedicated team that works well with other contractors. Trust us to adjust to changing job conditions and keep our timelines so that your project is finished when you need it to be.
  • Expertise: Which paint product will offer you the best results that will go the longest without chipping? Which technique is best to pull off a specific paint look? We have expertise you can rely on.

We’ve worked on many commercial painting projects in Concord. Check out our amazing reviews to see how thrilled our clients are with our work.

We’ve worked with:

  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Schools and educational buildings
  • Restaurants and other food service
  • High rises, low rises, etc.
  • Entertainment venues of any size
  • Hotels and other hospitality properties
  • Parking garages
  • And more

We can tackle any painting job, including those on new construction. We work well with other contractors and will make it simple for you to get the finishing coat of paint on any project. Choose us to help you give your office space a new look, update the aesthetic of your multi-unit rental property, or just make your retail store more beautiful for your customers.

One of our commercial painters working

Work with Us Today

When you’re looking for professional painting contractors who can save you time and help you get much better paint results, choose us. We offer a rare combination of professional painting and professional customer service. That makes working with us simple on a job of any size. Our team offers:

  • Precise painting: We care about all of the little details of your paint project that will later make it look truly professional. That includes expert cutting in and treatment of trim, windows, and more.
  • Safe and green: We help you choose paint products that are safe for your application and have as little impact on the environment as possible.
  • Professionalism: We respond promptly, have real knowledge to offer, and always act politely.
  • Honest quotes: Our prices are reasonable, and you’ll know that upfront when you get a quote from us. We stick to our quote and don’t charge hidden fees.

When you choose the team at Bay-Valley Painting for your commercial or residential paint job in Concord, you’ll get professional results that bring out the best in your space. We can make your property look exceptional with just the right paint product and proper application. From bedrooms, kitchens, and other interior spaces to exteriors, we do it all. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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