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What difference does professional painting make? You might be surprised. We offer clean paint lines, smooth walls without bumps or marks, and a quality finish that will last many years. For homeowners or business owners, the benefits of choosing a professional go well beyond the look of your space. You can save time, reduce your stress, and save money when you choose a professional painter who truly cares.

When you choose the team at Bay-Valley Painting for your commercial or residential paint job in Walnut Creek, you’ll get professional results that bring out the best in your space. We can make your property look exceptional with just the right paint product and proper application. With over twenty years of experience, a dedicated, well-trained team, and all the best painting equipment, we can add the smooth, professional touch that your space needs.

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Why Choose a Professional Painting Company?

Why take on the hassle of painting when you can leave it to the professionals at Bay-Valley Painting? We provide exceptional painting and exceptional customer service that will make completing your paint job simple. Work with us for:

exterior paint job done by our professional team
  • Save time: Most people overestimate how long it will take for them to learn to paint their walls in a way that will meet their standards.  You’ll save a lot of time for second coats and last-minute runs to the home supply store when you let a professional do it for you instead.
  • Choose the right paint: It can be a challenge to understand when choosing a different paint or primer will get you better results and when it’s just marketing to convince you to buy something more expensive.  At Bay-Valley Painting, we know how paint products actually perform and will help you make the right choice.
  • Look good: With over twenty years in the industry, we have the experience and technique to provide better quality paint jobs on everything from your bathroom wall to your home’s siding.  We’ll make it look great.
  • Precise painting: We care about all of the little details of your paint project that will later make it look truly professional. That includes expert cutting in and treatment of trim, windows, and more.

For All Your Home Painting Needs

Our team is fully equipped to handle 100% of your house painting needs.

  1. Interior Painting: Our skilled painters enhance the atmosphere of your home’s interior with color and precision. We use high-quality paints and techniques to achieve flawless, lasting results.

  2. Exterior Painting: Boost your home’s curb appeal and protect it from the elements with our exterior painting services. We apply durable paints that withstand weather and add value to your property.

  3. Color Consultation: Not sure which colors will best suit your home? Our experts offer color consultation services to help you choose the perfect palette that matches your style and personality.

  4. Surface Preparation: Proper preparation is key to a lasting finish. We meticulously prepare surfaces, including cleaning, sanding, and patching, to ensure a smooth and even coat of paint.

  5. Trim and Detail Work: Our attention to detail extends to trim, doors, and other architectural elements. We ensure precision in every corner and edge.

  6. Cabinet Painting: Update and revitalize your kitchen or bathroom by painting cabinets. Our professionals can transform outdated cabinetry into a fresh, modern focal point.

  7. Deck and Fence Painting/Staining: Protect and enhance your outdoor spaces with our deck and fence painting or staining services. We preserve the wood’s natural beauty while shielding it from the elements.

cabinets with classic walnut stain and modern blue island
completed house painting project with stunning green exterior paint and white trim

How to Choose the Right Kind of Paint for Your Project

Selecting the right type of paint for your project is crucial for achieving the desired finish and durability. Whether you’re painting your walls, furniture, or exterior surfaces, consider these key factors to make an informed choice:

1. Surface Material: Identify the material you’ll be painting. Different surfaces, such as wood, drywall, metal, or concrete, may require specific types of paint to adhere properly.

2. Indoor or Outdoor: Determine if your project is indoors or outdoors. Indoor paints are designed for lower exposure to the elements, while outdoor paints are formulated to withstand weather conditions.

3. Paint Finish: Choose from various paint finishes, including flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. Flat finishes are ideal for concealing imperfections, while glossier finishes are more durable and easy to clean.

4. Color and Shade: Select your desired color and shade, considering the mood and aesthetics you want to achieve. Many paint brands offer color samples to help you visualize the final result.

5. Primer: Decide if a primer is necessary. Primers provide better adhesion, coverage, and durability. Some paints come with built-in primers for convenience.

6. Usage and Function: Consider the purpose of the painted surface. For high-traffic areas like hallways and kitchens, opt for paints with greater durability and washability.

7. Environmental Impact: Be conscious of the environmental impact. Look for low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) or zero-VOC paints, which are eco-friendly and emit fewer harmful chemicals.

8. Brand and Quality: Invest in reputable paint brands known for their quality and longevity. High-quality paints tend to have better coverage and durability.

9. Budget: Set a budget for your project. While quality paints may cost more upfront, they often require fewer coats and last longer, providing better value in the long run.

10. Finish Texture: Some paints offer special textures or effects, such as metallic, textured, or chalkboard finishes. Consider these options if you want to add unique elements to your project.

11. Sheen and Reflectivity: Keep in mind that paint sheen affects the appearance and functionality. Higher sheens like semi-gloss and gloss are easier to clean but may highlight imperfections.

12. Special Considerations: For specific projects, such as painting a bathroom or a child’s room, you might need moisture-resistant or washable paint, respectively.

13. Consultation: When in doubt, consult with a paint professional or a knowledgeable salesperson at a paint store. They can provide guidance based on your specific project requirements.

Remember that choosing the right paint is crucial for achieving a successful and long-lasting result. Take your time to research, consider your needs, and explore various options to ensure your project turns out exactly as you envision it.

“Jared responded and stopped by to give me a quote right away. He and his crew accommodate my schedule and started the job in a timely fashion. It took them two days to paint, and Jared even added a team member on the second day to make sure the work will be finished in time. The quality of their painting work is exceptional. Will use their service again.”

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Commercial Property Painting

We know that the exterior and the interior are important to commercial properties. No one is drawn to an unkempt building. Your customers shouldn’t notice peeling paint and cracks in the walls, they should be welcomed into an aesthetically pleasing building. We provide exceptional painting surfaces for all kinds of commercial painting jobs in Walnut Creek. Commercial buildings have high demands on their paints, and you need a painting job that will provide exceptional, durable paint at reasonable costs in order to keep your property looking good and functioning properly. We can help with consistent paint jobs at honest prices.  Work with us for:

  • Safety: Reducing liability for workplace incidents is important to us. You can trust us to take safety seriously, including the safety of your customers and staff. Whether we’re painting at heights or ventilating paint fumes, you can trust us to make safe decisions.
  • Convenience: We’re an organized, dedicated team that works well with other contractors. Trust us to adjust to changing job conditions and keep our timelines so that your project is finished when you need it to be.
  • Expertise: Which paint product will offer you the best results that will go the longest without chipping? Which technique is best to pull off a specific paint look? We have expertise you can rely on.
commercial property painted by our company

If you’re in need of painting in Walnut Creek, our team would love to help with your painting projects. We work with residential and commercial clients, with interior and exterior painting services. Leave the painting to our professional painters. Reach out to us with your questions or details on your project today.

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