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Flawless paint jobs make your property more beautiful and valuable. It will also help you avoid repainting for longer. However, without the skills and knowledge needed for exterior painting, many people end up with results they aren’t happy with. Instead of doing it yourself, trust the professionals at Bay-Valley Painting to provide a quality exterior paint job that you’ll be proud of. We offer exterior painting for homes and for all kinds of commercial properties, from office buildings to warehouses, hospitals and much more. Get the professional touch your property needs.

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The Value of Paint Expertise

There is more to choosing the right paint products and having painting skill than you might think. We have over twenty years of experience in flawless painting, including on challenging outdoor surfaces that other painters might struggle with. Here is some of the expertise we offer and how it can get you exceptional results:

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  • The right paint: While paint commercials tend to pull on our heartstrings, like by showing a couple painting a nursery, there really is a functional difference between different paint products. That difference is very important for exterior painting, especially on unusual materials. The right products will get you better results which last longer. We can guide you.
  • Surface preparation: Much of the trouble people have with painting outside is in not preparing the surface. Washing, sanding and other treatments are essential for a proper coat of paint, or it could immediately begin to chip.
  • Technique: Everything from a quick touch-up on your home’s exterior to pulling off an unusual look for the outside of your restaurant require technique. It’s that blend of intuition and muscle memory that we’ve built over years and years of perfect painting jobs.
  • Weather conditions: It’s not always possible to wait for perfect weather conditions for exterior painting, but we have products and techniques that help us account for poor weather and ensure we still deliver exceptional results. That includes things like conditioners that help make up for high humidity or simply drying your surface before application. Of course, if the weather is exceptionally poor, we won’t paint.

Who We Can Help

We can paint any building exterior. Homeowners might choose us to help them improve the curb appeal of their home to help it sell or to enjoy it more for themselves. We also serve all manner of commercial clients who need an exterior paint job, including:

  • Retail stores
  • Office building
  • Schools and education
  • Multi-unit residential
  • Restaurants and food service
  • Hospitals and medial
  • Entertainment venues
  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Parking garages
  • Many more

We have the skills to paint on may different exterior surfaces, including siding, brick, wood, metals and more. Talk to us about the surfaces you need painted.

The Dependable Painter

When you choose us you get an exceptional quality paint job for your property. You also get a team that is focused on your goals, provides expert advice, honest quotes, and keeps you up to date throughout your project. We provide exceptional service so it is simple for you to choose us again.

Reach out to Bay-Valley Painting today for exterior painting.

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Our team is proud to service homes and businesses throughout Contra Costa County, including Oakley, Concord, Brentwood, Antioch, Discovery Bay, and more.

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