House Painting

Everything you need to know about house painting, including color selection, prepping your home, and what to expect from hiring a professional.

15 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a House Painter

Choosing a quality contractor is always a challenge, and that’s especially true for house painters. For starters, it’s not always easy for homeowners to tell a good paint job from a bad one unless they know what to look for. Even experienced homeowners might not notice the difference for a couple of years, when bad [...]

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How to Dispose of Old House Paint

Properly disposing of house paint is essential to protect the environment and human health. Incorrect disposal methods can lead to soil and water contamination, harm wildlife, and pose risks to public safety. Whether you have leftover latex or oil-based paint, follow these guidelines to ensure you dispose of house paint in an environmentally responsible manner. [...]

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Are Expensive House Paints Worth the Cost?

The market is flooded with cost-effective and premium paint products – not to mention several other models sprinkled in between. This makes buying paint for your project challenging, especially since every manufacturer claims to have the best quality. So, how do you tell which product is the real deal? At Bay Valley Painting, we consider [...]

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