A good paint job improves curb appeal and protects interior and exterior surfaces. Applying a fresh coat of paint can boost the overall property value if you want to list your home for sale. While a paint job has many benefits, you must do the job right! Bay Valley Painting leverages extensive industry experience and innovative equipment to guarantee quality results that exceed your expectations. The first step to a good paint job is hiring a professional contractor. Many service providers are in the market, making it challenging to find the right one. Here are crucial factors to consider when hiring a painting contractor.

Check Reviews

Professional service providers usually have a long list of satisfied customers; hence, many good reviews as proof of consistency. Although online reviews can help you narrow prospective contractors, offline reviews can help determine a company’s customer service and reliability. As mentioned, there are many painting contractors in the market, but checking online and offline reviews goes a long way in helping you hire a professional.

Request Customer References

Whether applying the first coat on a new construction home or repainting an old building, hiring an experienced contractor to address your specific paint needs is critical. When asking various companies for references, inquire about past projects like yours. Contact the references or drive-by buildings the contractors have painted for a close-up. Steer clear of companies that aren’t forthcoming with this information to avoid inconveniences.

Check Business Credentials

Many areas don’t require painters to be certified. Still, hiring a contractor with a membership to a local community organization and professional trade association gives you peace of mind. Credentials are proof of commitment to the trade by the service provider and validate their reputation. Bay Valley Painting is a “Diamond Certified” company, guaranteeing excellent results and exceeding client expectations.

Check Licenses and Insurance

When you have any job that requires a contractor, ensure they are licensed and insured if applicable. Reputable companies ensure their employees are certified by relevant organizations and protected with proper insurance. This means you will not be liable in case of injuries or damages during the paint job. Nothing is more frustrating than incurring additional costs because you didn’t hire a professional contractor. The next time you have a painting project lined up, check the companies’ websites and local records to ensure certification before signing any paperwork.

Ask About Their Warranty

Warranties guarantee the quality of services. Hire a company that offers a written warranty for at least a year, protecting you from issues like fading and peeling within the first year after application. If a contractor doesn’t offer a written warranty, this is a red flag, and you shouldn’t work with them.

The professional house painters in Discovery Bay, CA and beyond offer excellent quality jobs at competitive market rates. We use proven strategies and quality products to complete every project on time and guarantee an unmatched customer experience throughout the project.